Support inquiries should be directed to the MESG Forum - This ultimately reduces the amount of support required for the following reasons:


Try to redirect all support inquiries to the Forum


Every question/answer can be easily found by any search engine


All topics on the forum are indexable, and so answers become accessible directly through any search engine without needing to ask us directly

Community involvement

Anyone on the forum can participate and answer another member's question when we are not available - They can also be promoted to an official moderator

Avoid duplication

The forum has a good system to detect repeat questions when a new post is created - This reduces the amount of duplicated/similar questions

Resolved discussions

When an answer satisfies a user inquiry, this answer is marked as "resolved" and other users can easily see what to do to resolve a similar issue


Support by chat can be done either on Discord or Telegram - Telegram as a support channel is not optimal because users cannot easily find the answer to their questions, creating a lot of duplicated questions


When a question appears several times in chat, encourage people to create a new topic on the forum in "support" or "general".

The next time this question comes up, send the link from the forum as a response


Direct emails are hard to track and are easy to lose track of - try to avoid this as much as possible

Many people still prefer email as a communication channel. In this case, use a support platform that can aggregate emails and re-direct them to the appropriate parties

Here is a list of such services that could be used:


Make sure to provide a link to the forum when answering emails, and encourage them to ask subsequent questions in the forum

Phone/Video call

This is time consuming and should be avoided as much as possible

Exceptions for premium support can be made on a case-by-case basis for special users or partners


Always try to direct conversations to chat or email

Last Updated: 5/19/2019, 4:06:26 AM