Once a company/project is identified that could lead to a strategic partnership, setup a discovery call in order to have a better understanding of their product and where they are in their development and have them understand MESG's technology.

The goal of this meeting is to spot opportunities for collaboration and try to narrow down the details of a future partnership.


Once a discovery call is completed, create a Brief of the partnership opportunity with the following points:

For Company X

  • How Company X will use MESG
  • The benefits of Company X of using MESG
  • How MESG can help Company X


  • How MESG can use CompanyX
  • How MESG could benefit from a partnership with CompanyX
  • How CompanyX can help MESG

If there is a clear answer to these questions and both parts agree on that we need to have a Partner Agreement signed - Use Hello Sign to request a signature


Once the agreement is signed, onboard the new partner

  • Go to the partner directory
  • Add a new directory with the name of the partner in this format MESG <> CompanyX
  • Include a copy of the partner agreement (and all relevant documents that were created eg. NDA)
  • Share this directory with Company X
  • You can now both access shared resources in this directory
  • Copy the Partner Documents in this directory to share info about MESG with this new partner
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