TL;DR: Avoid unneccessary meetings, but if you need to have a meeting, do it efficiently with an agenda

Innovative methods of conducting more effective meetings should be explored:

Scheduling and planning meetings

If a meeting is necessary, it needs to be planned:

  • date
  • timeframe
  • relevant parties


Meetings should not be longer than 1 hour. Ideally 15min should be enough.

Every meeting should have an event on Google Calendar with relevant parties invited and a Hangouts Meet conference if needed.


Make sure that everyone involved in the meeting is available, if not, then the meeting should be postponed. Do not invite anyone who is not directly involved with the meeting's agenda.


Make sure to edit your timezone, especially if you are traveling.


Set specific goals for the meeting, always ask yourself the question:

What exactly is the meeting about?

If you can't answer it, then there is probably no need for a meeting.
If you can answer it, then announce it on the calendar event to let all the attendees know what the meeting is about so they also have time to adequately prepare


Two types of notes should be taken:

  • Outcomes for the goals set for the meeting
  • Tangents Important to capture, but not in the scope of the meeting

Measure success

Important KPIs to review at the end of a meeting:

  • Goals achieved in the meeting (should be 100% 😃)
  • Duration of the meeting (should be the one set in the calendar)
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