Technical Test

The purpose of this exercise is for us to get a sense of how you would approach designing and implementing a simple MESG Service before we get you in for an interview. We’ve tried to avoid tricky algorithmic tests in favor of something that shows how you would organize a codebase and solve problems.

There is no time limit, but we expect most applicants to spend roughly 2-3 hours working on the test. Once complete, please share your GitHub repository.

Feel free to explore the documentation of MESG and get inspiration from existing repositories.



You will need to create a MESG Service in Go.

The Service should work with the mesg-core service test command and should have the following functionalities:

Emit events

The service should expose a HTTP server that listens for POST requests.

When receiving a request, the service should emit an event with key onRequest to MESG Engine, with the following data:

  • date: the date and time of the request
  • id: an unique id of the request
  • body: the body of the request

Task that executes a HTTP request

The service should have a task with key execute that executes a HTTP POST request.

This task should accept the following as an input:

  • url: the URL of the request
  • body: the body of the request

And as outputs:

  • success with the following data:

    • statusCode: the status code of the response
    • body: the body of the response
  • error with the following data:

    • message: the error's message

[Bonus] Task that executes multiple HTTP POST requests

As a bonus, the service could have a task with key batchExecute that executes multiple HTTP POST requests on multiple URLs.

You are free to define the inputs and outputs of this task.


Please submit the following deliverables to

  • A GitHub repository link containing the source code
  • [Optional] Tell us what you thought of the test and the documentation, and how long it took you to complete
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