Daily discussions

Daily discussions happen on Discord

Make sure to have the role team in order to access internal team discussion channels - See the list of all roles

Conversations may happen on Telegram but try to avoid this. If necessary, limit them to 1-on-1 conversations as Telegram is not user friendly for group conversations

Discussions related to a specific work task should happen on Monday.

Discussions with coworkers will happen on Discord or in person, but make sure to log updates and deliverables on Monday.


Discussions with persons outside of MESG can vary depending of the preferences of the person(s). Try to always prioritize the channel of communication in this way:

  • Email: Easy to track and search. Easy to forward and have people who join (using cc), bad for real-time discussions
  • Telegram: Good for real-time discussions, hard to search
  • Skype: Good for voice conversations, very hard to track

Make sure to use the best tool based on your needs. Also when a conversation is interesting, make sure to add the relevant persons in the discussion.

Last Updated: 5/19/2019, 4:05:34 AM